“Courage India” is a registered non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization registered under the societies act 1860 vide GBBSD 1086/98 Bombay Public Trust Act F/20653 established in the year 1998 with the blessings of our guru Shri Sathya Sai Baba and our beloved founder president the late Shri Venkatesh Iyer who was an inspiration for the purpose of Cancer Aid, Education and Rehabilitation.


“MANAV SEVA IS MADHAV SEVA” is the principle on which Courage India works and we are committed to expand our reach to more poor and needy cancer patients all over India.


Our main aim is to create awareness amongst the people regarding “Alternative Healing Therapies” in the management of cancer. These therapies include Ayurveda, Panchagavya, Panchakarma, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Massage, Music Therapy and Proper Diet as supplementary treatments along with modern-day medicines to prevent relapse of cancer and lead a healthy future.


Our dream project “Nisarga Sannidhana” shall not only house the terminally ill and recovering but also serve and give them the opportunity to live holistically amidst nature and a diet free of chemicals.


Our vision is to establish an independent holistic centre for cancer patients who are recuperating by providing them with alternative therapies with limited quantities of modern-day medicine as and when required.


Our goal is to educate and inform people about these alternative therapies and the benefits they can have for cancer patients in terms of helping them cope with their anxiety, manage pain, and deal with other emotional distress with no side effects.

“We Empower the mind to heal the body.”

Our Alternative Therapies







Massage Therapy

Music Therapy

Proper nutrition

Our Team

Mr. Sainath Iyer

Founder & President

Ms. Priyadarshini Sambamurthy


Mr. Vinay J Benegal


Dr. Sujata Sawant

M D Ayurveda - Panel Doctor

Dr. Shubhangi Bhatkhande

BAMS., CGO., CYT - Panel Doctor

Dr. Sandhya M Kadam

M D Ayurveda - Panel Doctor

Dr. Hitesh Jani

BAMS, MCS, Ex Principal - Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar - Panel Doctor

Dr. Rajani Gokhale

PHD Ayurveda - Panel Doctor

Our Supporters

All donors who have contributed to Courage India and has made it possible for us to reach out to more poor and needy cancer patients.

Special Thanks

  • TATA Capital Housing Finance Ltd.
  • Eggfirst Advertising.
  • Bank of India.
  • SVC Co-Op Bank Ltd.

  • Saraswat Co-Op Bank Ltd.
  • Vijmax Fims.
  • Shri. Durgesh Chandavarkar.
  • Smt. Lakshmi Kumar Subramanian.

  • Ms. Divya Hoskote.
  • Shri. Ganesh Iyer.
  • Pandit. Shri. Nityanand Haldipur.
  • Pandit. Shri.Omkar Gulvady.

  • Pandit. Shri. Vinayak Chittar.
  • Pandit. Shri. Arnab Chakrabarty.
  • Pandit. Shri. Aditya Modak.
  • Vocalist. Smt. Pranati Mhatre.
  • The Shamdasani Foundation Hong Kong.